Odd Little Band From Listening To Internet Radio.

Although I like most genres of music I have a particular liking for gothic music particularly from the period where it was just starting to break off from punk (Christian Death, March Violets, Alien Sex Fiend, that era). Well, I was recently listening to a station on the internet and it played a song by a band called "My Gold Mask" and when I first heard it I thought it was really old because of the way the sound was (It reminded me a little bit of March Violets because of the instrumentation. Very simple, but gives a nice dark ambiance). I did some research on them and learned that they were actually a pretty new band but just had that nice old sound. Their website is http://www.mygoldmask.com/ and they have a new album coming out next month which I can't wait to get. Their albums I find are available on itunes but i get mine from a record store near me that specializes in all kinds of weird and rare recordings. Happy Listening!
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1 Response Jan 9, 2013

thanks for the tip-seems worth checking out.
and big thanks for supporting your local record shop!