Hauntingly Beautiful And Extremely Controversial

Is it possible that a ballad can be hauntingly beautiful and intensely controversial at the same time? Is it possible that a video of a song can actually ellicit different responses from anyone that sees it and can be interpreted in different ways each time it is watched?

The song I have posted here is not new.  It was put out 2 years ago.  That however has benefitted the song as it slipped in under the radar with the current crop of Kpop. There is no doubt that the video would not have been left intact had it not.  Still, it has garnered numerous responses and pages from the internet from those trying to figure out its true meaning.

The song itself is quite beautiful and even without the video deserves to be heard.  Listen to the song and then I will go over the mindf*ck which is the video. 

Her name is " IU "  { Lee Ji-uen }  and she is a very young solo artist making tracks with the rise of Kpop { Korean pop rock }
The song is titled  " The Story Only I Didn't Know "

The video can be changed to 1080p and deserves to be seen in full screen mode. 
Also, if you turn on the captions you can read the translation as the video is played.


UI : " The Story Only I Didn't Know "



Now be prepared for the mindf*ck.

The story in the video is about a very young girl { UI was 17 at the time } who is admitted to a psychiatric unit for trying to kill herself. She could not handle the death of what the staff believed was her father... Whom she keeps seeing as a ghostly vision at the foot of her bed and in her dreams.
  What the staff doesn't know and what she finally confesses to at the end while they are videotaping a session with her is that the older man is not her father, but her lover ....

{ which gives a lolita style twist to the whole song }

Now rewatch the video and see for yourself how different the song has become and what is really going on.  This is where it starts to become truly eerie and hauntingly heart - wrenching.

I myself have watched this video numerous times trying to figure out all the different clues to what was really going on, and each time it has brought a tear to my eye...  I could not help but cry along with her.


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7 Responses Jan 16, 2013

Wow... what a well done piece. The singer is lovely and the video is indeed haunting; she captured a snapshot of pain very well. I agree with Copper: "Souls have no age and always long for one another regardless of the bodies they are in."

Beautiful and so sad...hard to believe something could be both at the same time.

That's definitely interesting.

make me tear up... Haha :P

So sad & so pretty.

Souls have no age and always long for one another regardless of the bodies they are in.

I think both your questions can be answered 'yes.'