Forging My Metal

As life taught me, you need to have talent to do good things. I have come to love rock and all it's forms throughout my life. Most recently, I turned my head to Heavy Metal music. I just love it, it spices my life, fills it with wonder, makes it better. Although I enjoy it's hardness and feeling and the talent required to play those songs, I wasn't that connected to the roots of metal.

Recently, I started chasing these old artists as well as branching my music listening to other types of Metal. I got acquainted with Iron Maiden and Metallica, as well as other more recent bands like H.I.M., Tool, Draconian, Hammerfall. I need a fresh new music library so I get sick less often of the other music I hear. So far I am loving it, and I would like to recommend for all metalheads out there that still haven't listened to the genre's roots to try out Iron Maiden's biggest hits, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple and Black Sabbath.

The experiences I have had with these artists definitely confirm it: Rock and Metal are always the winners.
Daggerfall Daggerfall
18-21, M
Jan 18, 2013