Indie Is Best

I love Indie music, so any time I stumble upon new bands that haven't gone mainstream yet, I'm super hyped.

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I agree! Indie music is my drug =)

I just discovered an Indie group called TheXX. Love 'em!!

Yeahhh... Indie! That's the sauce. Love seeing bands live as well before they become popular. The shows are night and day compared to big venues :)

I agree with you. I've even written about an indie in my blog that I found in my blog page. Sometime mainstream is too over played. People should look underneathe the covers sometimes. And that is what I consider indy as. That's why its so important to support indy music.

If you like kinda electronic indie, you should listen to IAMX, Sneaker Pimps, or Portishead. All AMAZING stuff. My favorite songs would be, "Lulled by numbers" by IAMX. "Over" by Portishead. And "Think harder" by Sneaker Pimps.

Not sure what Indie music is, but i know mainstream, but my ALL TIME favorite band is Hollywood Undead, not mainstream but pretty popular, aside from deuce leaving and Danny joining they havnt changed at all, so if you havn't heard them please listen, but Id recomend hearing Undead, Young, City, Circles, *******, Black Dahlia, and sell your soul, I hate when people I recomend them and they only listen to one song, they have plenty of styles of music and a new album on April 5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So Pitchfork must be home, eh?

Here's the latest by Phillip Skains. He's talking about adding to it with guitar improvisations by his brothers, but I love it already:

have you heard of florence and the machine? She's starting to gain fans but it doesn't detract from how amazing she is

^ I looked it up. It's not really my scene, but thanks for the recommendation! :)

Do you listen to Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti by any chance?

Wait till you hear his latest song! OMG!!!

I do like that!!

You might enjoy this music:<br />
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Actually, his song, Departure, is my new favorite song.