Discovering New Music Is Fun :d

One of the very pleasuring moments that I have is when I discover new music or find out about wierd,random singers and bands that absolutely no one knew about;I tell all my friends about that and we listen to them all day long.

I am very close to my sister wich alsow has an account on this site :) We  do random fun things  together,like : listening to wierd music even if everyoby else thinks that , this kind of music is just HORRIBLE... we don't care!!!!!! m/

I grew up listening to alot of rock bands and indie-pop-rock singers wich inspired me and wich I loved for so many years but at one point I start getting bored with them and looked up for new music to listen... guess what ? I REALLY FOUND GREAT ARTISTS AND BANDS THAT I WOULD NEVER KNEW ABOUT IF I DIDN'T TRY SOMETHING NEW! 

If you are always satisfied with what you've got and never search for better things to improve yourself and you're own life, you are missing SO MUCH GREAT THINGS YOU DIDN'T KNOW ABOUT!

And music is just a part  of it....

As an example I'll give Katie Melua - a great singer with so many beautiful songs!

or Fiona Apple - she is so wierd but cool and has songs wich I totally love!

This 2 amazing singers were found  by me and my mum in random moments and me and my friends never knew about them before. After the day I discovered they're great music I started LOVING THEM !



so... enjoy finidg new , wierd, different and awsome music to listen to ! :D

wierdlikeme wierdlikeme
13-15, F
Feb 27, 2010