My Fairy Tale Funeral

I sometimes think about dying.  It's not something i'm really looking forward to.   But when it happens i want it all to go a certain way.

I believe in God our creator,

but i don't want to have my funeral in a church.  I talk to God a lot but do it outside in the fresh air,  sunshine, surrounded by the trees and birdsong. That's were i want it.

I don't want a purchased coffin.  I want my friends and  family to make mine out of rough cut pine and just nail it together.

I don't want  to be dressed in my sunday best cause i don't have one.  I want my jeans and pretty top and bare feet and a bit of lipstick.

I don't want to have it in the morning.  I want it at my favourite time of day , dusk,  i love the closing of the day . Very appropriate for the occasion.

I don't want shop flowers,  I want flowers picked from the garden of some one who loves me.

I want my family and friends to take me to field and set me up under a tree and have a party.  I want fairy lights and picnic blankets.  I want chicken sammies , pavlovas with cream and strawberries, watermelon and bubbly wine.  I want  everyone to dance, laugh and sing to my favourite music.

I want them to go to bed that night  and say,   WOW!!  that was a great day and i hope she liked it.

Tgilly Tgilly
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Glad you liked it : )

Very nice story indeed. <br />

OH OH done it again, story in wrong group, sorry guys, this really does not fit in the "i like discovering new music" group' Don't know how i manage to do this.