Its The Lyrics..its The Guitar.. Its The Voice.. Its The Message...its The Bass

When I was younger I restricted myself to only certain "cool" categories of music. Then I let in the country. Then the rap. then the classical, new age, old rat pack music, blues, blue grass, instrimental....Anything and Everything that gives me a sense of change from whatever i dont want to be feeling. I love to just sit and Feel what the artist is expressing. Lyrically or otherwise. Heres a secret I dont usually tell- I even let in Brittany Spears. wow.

theconflictedness theconflictedness
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1 Response Mar 13, 2010

LOL, I know exactly how you feel. <br />
I love music, and what it can offer the soul.<br />
I just discovered "Dubstep" which has some awesome should check it out! =)