Pandora Radio

Pandora Radio works for me better than anything else I've tried when it comes to discovering new music. I love the idea of typing in a favorite artist and then listening to new artists who are magically so right for me. I found three new artists just yesterday. So amazing!

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5 Responses Mar 26, 2010

try Balcony tv . There is a website, but you can find it on youtube also. It shows new artists live , playing on a balcony from around the world. sometimes it is hit and miss, but worth it when you come across that special sound. I have found tons of new artists that I enjoy that you cant find anywhere else.

Pandora is great when you just want to listen to a mix of everything. I play it when I'm at work. I also discovered Spotify which allows you to listen to complete albums. So I will discover a new artist on Pandora and then go to Spotify to listen to that artist's album

Or Grooveshark.

Pandora is great for folks like me who enjoy music from a very wide range of genres.<br />
I have discovered so many songs and artist listening to Pandora that I never would have be aware of any other way.

sounds amazing