Female Trip Hop

"She: A Female Trip Hop Experience" was actually an add I saw on the right side of the screen strolling through one of the music groups.  I don't even consider Rap / Hip-Hop to be music (I look forward to your comments on this - sarcasm), but something told me to click on the ad and listen.  While the music had definite Rap overtones, the women actually SANG!  And most in that low, smokey breath that can turn a man on in seconds; I was transfixed.  I am going to purchase the CD, as well as DJ Ferret's "Noir: Smooth Female Trip Hop" and I am going to download several albums by Sarah Kimmer.  If you like Lounge or Electronic Space (the kind of stuff you can listen too on "Hearts of Space" [www.hos.com]) or just sexy women's vocals, check this (new?) style of musc out!

CorazonVacio CorazonVacio
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2 Responses Mar 30, 2010

No, never heard of it; thanks for the heads up.

ya i discovered the Trip-Hop genre for myself about a year ago. Its since than has consumed my music library and playlists. If you want a good way to find amazing Trip-Hop songs, go to Pandora.com (hopefully you know of it) and check out their station titled "Trip-Hop" under there genre categories.