The Music

There is alot of music out there that the world has to offer us. what kind of music do you like? most often rather then not a persons music will outline what kind of life that they live or want to live. now for the average Joe you have all sorts of average music out there to listen to. but for me, my music is quite a bit different to most of those that I know.  Back when I was younger, there was a radio program that i used to listen to all the time. "Musical Starstreams, The exotic side of Radio". that was some great stuff. Only problem was that there was not enough supportive fans of that program so they cancelled that one (in my area) but the music lives on. My older brother would record that program onto tapes. We have used those tapes to find the lost world of music that we loved. My music collection is staggering with such artists as Vangelis, Deep Forest, Kitaro, Shpongle, Infected Mushroom, and the original guitar hero, MIKE OLDFIELD. MO is known for his album Tubular Bells which was used (without consent) in the horror movie The Exorcist. Mike Oldfield himself was afraid to even watch that movie untill quite a few years after it came out. Mike oldfield is the best

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Mar 31, 2010