My First Story :)

Okay... here goes nothing..I have a million stories but I want to type this one out so I don't forget it So at the dentist last week my appointment was for the morning first thing.... when I entered there was a woman and her child already sitting down...the little girl was going through the magazines... the woman looked at me quite oddly I cant really describe the look on her face but I greeted her regardless and took a seat across from them at the big round table... I was texting but felt her gaze rest upon my two or three times so I got fed up of being watched by her and just looked her in the eye and looked away. ( I don't like people who stare alot... it makes me uncomfortable ..but anyway...) So out of nowhere she just asks me ''Have you a day off school today'' Not expecting to be asked that considering I'm almost 21 in a few weeks I told her no that I was going to college this september... which is technically true but since I had dropped out of school at 18 I'm going to this paticular college to re sit my last year of school and exams but doing it in a college instead of going back to school...My answer clearly didnt satisfy this womans noseyness as she persisted to ask me so many Q's she eventually got my whole story out of me...that i dropped out..was going back to do it this year bla bla bla... I was really ******* frustrated as I find it embarrasing to talk about...yeah im a dropout... I had my reasons...she was so eager and her manner was such that I found myself answering her before I had even a chance to think...she started telling me about how her brother dropped outta college bla bla and then went on about her daughter for what seemed like forever.. I was doing my best to be nice but it was clear I was uncomfortable... until she turned around and said 'I have the utmost admiration for you for going back and giving it another go'' ..Just as she did say that my dentist called me in to be numbed and then when I came back out it was her turn to go in...but as she was leaving she wished me the best of luck and told me she hoped it all worked out for me. I thanked her profusely because I realised she was being really genuine and just friendly in general...even if a little nosey ... but coming from a total stranger... It meant a alot :)
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I'm glad that woman took the time to find out a little bit before judging you out of hand. It's never fun to feel like you're under a microscope like that, but I'm really glad it wound up worthwhile.