My Pet Dog

My pet dog small but fast is like a cat, it chases mice and captures it
it's a he and his name is Billy, playing around and jumping.
He barks whenever there's a new person or a guest.
Whenever you run he runs and when you run faster he also runs faster
i think he thinks that he is in a race which i enjoy competing with him,
running faster than his master...and when you stop he still runs until he notice you stopping.
His breed is Dachshund. Sometimes he can get out of his cage even if it's lock.
That's my pet dog, Billy

bunyum bunyum
18-21, F
2 Responses Aug 3, 2010

thanks DJK and oupa :D<br />
<br />
oh and i put my dog in cage so he won't get lost<br />
but i let him out when i arrive or he just let himself out

My new breed is a X between a Labrador and a Boerboel. Her name is Zena and she loves to eat and play.<br />
I don't know what kind of cage you are referring to, but you must let Billy out most of the day and play a lot with him.<br />
As DJK said: you and your dog must enjoy it to together. Good luck!