Dogs Have a Sixth Sense

We own a sweet little white Boxer.  My son and I are often butting heads and the 'Real' Sabrina is always picking up on our negative vibes.  She usually comes nudging her way inbetween the both of us..  somehow pulling us together trying to make our hands touch..  or she does a crazy trick.. gets playful or anything to get us to laugh and forget what we're arguing about.

We call her our little peace maker.  Boxers are very sensitive dogs.  They love their humans and pick up on every emotion.  They love to be touched and are always near by, following us around from room to room even if only for a brief moment. 

We love our dog more than eachother sometimes.  She is truly a member of the family in every way.  DOGS RULE!!!

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Dobermans are the same way. I nicknamed our first one, "the sheriff." even though she hated him, he always took her side. (we would only mock fight in front of him). he would first take a stance between us and bark. when we wouldn't break it up, he always jumped on me, nudging me away . ive had a few since him , including a litter of 9, and they all do the same. they also can smell(?) your pain, physical and emotional. while socializing one of the pups, I had him on leash and took him to my storage facility where I was asked to update my info. while in the office, I let him sniff around. I noticed the site manager wasnt as chipper as usual so I asked and she got a little emotional and told me her mom has passed. as soon as she began to talk, Lenny pranced down to the break in the counter , then all the way back up to where she was sitting and he just layed his head in her lap. she hugged him and cried. it was so sweet and natural. they're great huggers. their hug is a strong lean. I love it. I could go on n on. maybe I will in a different experience..

I like dogs much that I trained them.

hey guys im new to this a friend of mine gave me the link so hera i am with the love of my life puppy my 8 yera old cross bred from srilanka he was gifted to me when his mother died when he was just 1 week old full of flees and skinny as a cane he was welcomed into th family he is spoilt as expected and sleeps with me and i just cant seem to think of life without him he is there in my happy moments and still there in my sad he is never far away to make me smile at all his tricks i am so thankfull to my good friend for helping me express my feelings for my 4 leggerd son puppy th way i have a tw leggerd one two called christopher ha ha ha

you did a good thing puddytat! I've never owned anything but rescue animals... so many unwanted and neglected little critters... :(<br />
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Hobo - those are some sweet memories.. we have similar ones as well.. BOXERS RULE, especially the white ones

I just love boxers. They're so sweet and smart and beautiful and expressive... I have a boxer now who's around 3, and so smart. Snores like heck though, but I love her anyway. I used to have a white boxer, and I remember how she would check up on me when I felt sick, and wake me up when there was no school because of snow just so we could play. She was the greatest.

I absolutely agree.. I rescued my dog Jack from a crazy lady that kept him tied up under her camper trailer in a hole in the dirt. Bad Lady!!<br />
<br />
Well, Jack loves dig in, but he prefers sleeping on the couch. <br />
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I take care of him and he takes care of his mama.. He is the most emotional dog I've ever seen.<br />
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He is a Chinese Foo Dog, and they are called the dog of happiness. I plan to do a page soon about him and show him off in some nice pics I took last week. Can't wait to get them on..<br />
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I believe animals are a pure spiritual essence. We can communicate with thoughts. I rarely have to call him to me or give him a command.. I do, but it's uaually his, name one soft word or a whisper... and he gets it..<br />
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So cool!! Tat

i love dogs , i have a westie and she has got me through some difficult times, some times i feel she is the only one that loves me , others can come and go, she never wants to leave me . i amfully convinced she knows what im thinking

Does that stuff really pay.. <br />
As much as I love my dog.. I don't think I'd go thru cancer treatment with her.. not the expense anyway.. too easy to buy a puppy.. <br />

Sometimes hindsight is 20/20 and you think....maybe I should have gotten the pet insurance. Although I think they have a max coverage?

whew.. it does add up... and I thought the 'pee pills' we buy for Sabrina's incontinence problem was expensive.. SHUTTING MY MOUTH NOW..

I Love Dogs Too...

well.. that could present a problem here.. or at least make for some confusing comments & discussions

Our's sleeps in my spot when I'm away on business too.. SO FUNNY.. It seems like every boxer owner has the same stories about their dog's personalities.. <br />
Does yours have to be 'touching' you all the time.. Ours has to lay next to us.. be in the same room... just be close.. I feel like she is a real person.. if only she could talk.. <br />
Another thing I love about them is they aren't barkers.. We had a beagle / hound mix that barked all the time.. it drove us crazy.. The only time our boxer barks is if a stranger knocks at the door.. she is very loving, but protective.. I know she would give her life for us..

That is too funny. Our boxer sleeps in our bed too. The other night my husband had a very early morning. When the alarm went off I was frustrated that hubby wasn't turning it off. When I reached over to turn it off I realized the body next to me was our boxer. When I am traveling on business he sleeps in my spot. Otherwise he is usually at the foot of the bed between us.

They really are such a sweet emotional and loving breed.. I just wish they came in a smaller size so I could have more than one.. she takes up ALL of the bed, but I love snuggling with her almost as much as hubby.. she's my baby for sure.. glad to find another boxer lover....

Oh, I just think boxers are the best. After our lab died I researched breeds and we picked out our boxer. He is the sweetest boy ever.

funny we both picked our pet's name as our screen name.. too much in common.. love it.