Every Think That Your Boyfriend Likes Someone Else!

My boyfriend is always talking to this other girl which is okay but he looks at her all the time and talks about her all the time.vI starting to think he might like her more that he likes me and since I'm not one of those crazy kind of girlfriends I don't really make it seem like I care but really inside I doooo care like a lot!!! If anyone knows what I could do please blog back and give me some advise this is killing me inside just like that cheese burger I ate today!!!! But anyway I am going to my church soo and he might be there but he might be to busy talking to the other girl that he might not have time. I know that sounded a little snotey but I am angry rite now I wouldn't mess with me!!!!! BYE:)!!!!!
Minney99 Minney99
13-15, F
Mar 9, 2011