Cute Dogs

Sadly I can't have a dogs cause I'm allergic.

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I see..

I love dogs -regular ones or the Kimmy-kind- but can't keep any of the former ones because of living on my own... Can't leave a pup on its own when so young and since I can't take it with me to work, keeping a dog is a no-go for the time being... : (


LOL @ SM...You're making me laugh.

LOL @ kimmy. Kimmy, you'll be a good pet...Mother will caress you with affection... :)

dogs like maltese and yorkies dont have the dander that most people are allergic to, Their fur coats are different some how so they dont affect allergies. you might not be allergic to those types of dogs if you really wanted one. Plus they're really cute dogs! only get up to about five pounds in weight, kinda a "purse dog"


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Ah :( I have three right now. They almost look like chow/lab mixes.

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Again Yahoo was kind to me. <br />
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Oh well. It's okay.. Dog I can tolerated. Cats Man...

Sorry mom for being allergic. :( This pic is so beautiful...I wish I owned them both...they are so adorable.