My life had never been the greatest of all those I knew. Just a lot of odd jobs, and odd ex's. But one of the greatest joys I had received was my dog Sasha. She is with me every day for the rest of my life. There will never be a day when I will stop loving her. The memory...
My husband and I had moved to a town near the border of MA and CT. When we moved there, we only had a cat, Hans. But he had never been fixed so when he was in heat, he drove my husband out of his mind. 
" We need to let him out to do his thing." my husband would say. 
" But he'll never come back or worse, get hit. this is such a busy area." I cried.
He ended up winning the fight. Hans was let out of the apartment, only to disappear for the next two weeks. I was on the other hand, as frantic as could be. Every day I would call out to him, and it was always a no-show. I would cry because I missed him so much. After all I had gotten him when he was only five weeks old and he was five now. It was just before my birthday and my husband decided to take a drive. I had no idea where at the time of getting into the truck, but when he pulled into the driveway of the shelter, he told me it was my birthday gift. I could pick out whatever I wanted. 
As we walked in there were other people there.  A young lady came up to us and asked what we wanted to look at. I wanted a dog, and so she said there were three of them up for adoption. She took us to see Sasha first, and I didn't have to go any further. I was so in love with her. She jumped up onto the kennel door and wagged her tail with such excitement. the girl asked if I wanted to take her for a walk.
" Oh yes, please." was my response.
She put a leash on Sasha and out the door we all went. my husband, me and our new, hopeful, baby girl. We walked her for about fifteen minutes and then went back. A woman looking for a dog asked if I was going to take her. I told her yes. My husband filled out the papers and a week later we brought her home to be our little girl. She was still very scared though. I'd walk her but she never barked. I had to feed her by a spoon too for a while as well. I was worried about her but every day I grew to love her more and more.  Not having children of the human kind, she became my baby.   
That summer my husband took off a week in the month of August and we decided to go camping.  We went out to the western side of the state of Massachusetts to the Mohawk Trail. It was beautiful and so peaceful.  They had given us the first campsite on the grounds. It was a really nice place and not too many neighbors around us. We could hear the water running in the stream below us and every night we'd sit around the fire. 
One night we went to bed and my husband had secured the campsite and zippered us up inside the two-room tent. In the morning we were both waken by Sasha barking. She had heard a noise outside and was warning us. My husband had gone out to check from the front room. 
"It's a black bear." he called out. 
He was a hunter so he knew what to do. And although the other campers nearest to us complained, the ranger said my husband and dog did the right thing.  It is best to make the loudest noise to scare the animal away. It turned out that the cooler we had with our eggs and hot dogs and a few other items inside he had rolled over about five feet from where it sat next to the door of the tent. He broke two eggs too. I will always believe that Sasha saved us that morning. She still didn't eat well and we had bought some soft canned foods for her, but still she ate so little. Every night, although it was not wise to do, we set Sasha's uneaten food down in between two tall trees on a paper plate.  Every morning the food was gone, and the bear was not anywhere around us again. That cooler was just about five feet from us sleeping. Had it clawed that door, we would have been easily been it's food. 
Only once for the rest of the week did we see the bear crossing one of the roads in the camping grounds. 
My husband and I never lasted. Our marriage ended in 1998 and I got Sasha in the divorce. We moved from MA to the state where I live now. Sasha brought so much love and happiness to me over the fourteen years she was with me. On October 17, 2008 at about 1 A.M. she passed away. I wish I had taken many pictures of her. I miss her so much, even though it has been now nearly four long years. But she will always live in my heart. 

                                                                                                              I LOVE YOU SASHA.  

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May 24, 2012