Labradors Are My Favorite

I had a black lab mix that was a bit over 16 when we had to put him down a few months ago. It was not easy, but he was having a bad time of it and we had to think of him and stop his suffering.

Unfortunately the area I currently live in has been very successful at their spay and neuter programs and I am having troubles finding a new pet. Hopefully I will have more luck when I get moved up north. I miss having large dogs in the house.
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2 Responses May 31, 2012

I have spent the bulk of my life living with labs. It is very difficult to find a dog that is as sweet and loyal as a lab is. Great with kids, are generally not big barking dogs and they provided are fixed don't have much interest in taking off causing too much trouble in the neighborhood. I have a chocolate lab that I have never need to tie up in my backyard because he wants to hangout with me or the rest of my family. Forever a lab owner and lover.

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In a separate note, you are blessed to have the love of a dog for 16 years!!

Thank you ladies, I will look into petfinders.

He was a great dog and he will be missed.