Langley And Moe

About a year ago we took in a very large large lab/chow mix to add to our family. Unfortunately this didn't't go over with our Chihuahua/jack Russell mix called Moe.Just picture in your mind a little rug rat always in control and always barking orders to everyone in the House hold. Then Langley a mild mannered laid back dog just looking at this other dog on his butt saying what's your problem? Moe would always guard his food area and every time Langley would come near his food he would try and rip his head off. Lol. Oh! yes Moe was in control no matter how big the other dog is.
One day Moe was on Langley's butt about even walking into the living room to see his master daddy. Moe was so jealous he tore into Langley and so Langley
just turned his whole body quickly around and pinned Moe down to the carpet with one big paw. After wards Moe backed off for a while but it will never stop.
Langley is such a loving dog and would protect this family. And he actually just tolerates Moe unless Moe really pushes him to the limit.
These two are so comical to watch at times and I love them both. Monster dog Moe and Langley the loafer...
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But they did figure out how to co-exist !