I have two Dachshunds. We first got a red miniature. Her name is Katie and is now 2 years old. Katie came from a breeder my brother in California used to get his dachshunds. My second dachshunds’ name is Tony. He is a black/tan who is four years old. We actually ended up adopting him. What happened was this.....my brother Ray is a cop in C.A. and apparently he had done something nice for this old couple. Well when the man of this couple passed away, the widower dropped Tony off at the police station and said that it was for officer Panek. My brother Ray already had three dogs and isn't allowed to have more then that in California, so Tony came out to N.J. He has been such a joy. Katie loves to play with him and he has now adjusted to her. Tony is known as a tweenie because he isn't light enough to be considered a miniature and not heavy enough to be considered a full sized dachshund. No matter what shape size and color my dachshunds are, I love them both and they are great therapy.
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I totally agree. They are gorgeous animals. I have a female smooth black and tan mini who is 9 months old now. I can honestly say that not much comes close to the joy I feel when I come home from work and jump on the bed to roll around with her. She licks my face and rolls over and snuggles her nose into my neck. Absolutely adorable! <br />
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I would love to get another though, but now is not the time....