My sister has always been into animals. She once thought about being a veterinarian once. We got our first dog inadvertantly because of her. There was a puppy who was a German Shepherd mix and she liked to hang around our house. She was a stray, and we always wondered where she came from. Then one day, my sister decided that it would be a good idea to feed her. Of course, from that point on, the dog never left our yard. She would greet us when we came home from school, and she would sleep in front of our front door. She would follow us into the house, and we'd have to use pieces of bread to lure her back outside. One day, my mom got sick of her hanging around and called animal control. And then we all realized that we missed her. So we ended up going to the animal shelter and setting her free. She was so happy to see us that she peed on me. We named her Lucky, and she lived to the age of 14. I miss her.

We still have another dog named Angel who is a Lhasa Apsu mix. My sister bought him in front of a Sav-ons for $10 when he was still a little puppy. He was so little that he could fit on the palm of your hand. We worried that she had taken him away from his mother while he was too young, and for a while he wouldn't eat. We worried that he would die. Lucky usually doesn't like strange dogs, and we were surprised that she didn't bark at him or try to bite him. (They really never got along, though.) Then one day, he started eating dry food. He's an incredibly anti-social dog and unfortunately likes to snap at people he doesn't know. When he was still a puppy, my brother picked him up and tried to carrying him, but ended up accidentally dropping him. Angel whined and cried for a good hour or two, and we were worried he had broken something. But he didn't have a limp or anything. But to this day, he refuses to be picked up and will try to bite you if you try. But overall, I like him, and for the most part he listens to me.
victorious victorious
26-30, M
Apr 26, 2007