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Of Wieners And Pearls

Just wrapped a splendid l-o-n-g weekend featuring a Saturday at the annual Dachshund Races in Savannah. Ya like wiener dogs? Imagine 200+ yapping Dachsies doing their best to ignore the hand that feeds them and to show off to their brothers and sisters.

Long ride from the deep southwest Florida for the fiance, Little P, Sasha and I, and I conned my guy into a pitstop at the Orlando outlets and a five-minute dash into the Brahmin Bag Store .. . and five minutes at Michael Kors. . . . and five minutes at  . . .   He was richly rewarded that evening but this is a story about the furry wieners.

Overnighted in St. Augustine and hit up the wonderful beach at Anastasia State Park before checking into downtown Savannah and meeting up with a grade-school pal and her B.F. The pups were wonderfully behaved.

Saturday morning at Morrell Park on the River Walk the yapping doggies congregated with their usual lack of manners and abundance of enthusiasm and flying saliva. There were 20 heats of 10 dogs each, which went off without a hitch (and, thankfully, little sun) although the majority of the participants were far more content and excited to bite their opponents, take two steps from the starting gate and wander about, or raise a leg and add a mark to the inviting smells on the race track.

S and P finished, respectively, last and next to last in their heats. The 30-foot race was far too challenging. 

Pups said goodbye, continued their fine behavior for the rest of the trip and came along for outdoor restaurant meals, on a horse-drawn carriage tour of the historical city, to the beach at Tybee Island and the trip back home including a night in Sarasota.

And the pearls. Part of fiance's reward:  A p-l-u-n-g-i-n-g back red dress, stilettos that put me eye-to-eye with him, and a red pearl thong. For dessert.

Dressed as a chicken hawk or a game ****.

Waiting in anticipation. The white shirt and patience were worn thin.

And they're off!

Well, one finished. Party at the starting gate.

Dachshunds in disguise!

Savannah and its town-square layout dripped with 'Old South'

And a good night to one of the stars of the trip.

HootieBootieInLuv HootieBootieInLuv 26-30, F 13 Responses Oct 10, 2012

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My little guy wears ***** everyday does not like to be nake durning daylight hours

had one growing up, Fred. Could flip food off of his nose and catch it! Great undiscovered talent..Had a Labradoodle most recently who could talk, (yes I have a video), great dogs. but I digress, my sister lives in Ft Lauderdale and has had a string of them, has had them at the races...had once race right out of the Hollywood racetrack..

Gosh... those wieners in costumes are some of the most adorable things I've ever seen! And good work to S and P--they were probably just distracted by all the wonder and colour (some dogs have quite active imaginations, I'm sure!)

Mr. Kuddles would never let anyone dress him up... not ever.
I would have given anything to be in that cheering section --
knowing S&P had one already... smiles*

Loved you story! I have a 12-year old long hair: love of our lives!

Great trip .... great post !!!

Awwww soo adorable!! :)

too funny

Mine would borrow for wood chucks. Luckily none were found in the den

They took their ferocity and blood letting out on each other. The carnage was horrific.

I assume that the pup was comfortable in the red pearl thong? Perhaps it was a tad tight hence the low finish?

You cad, GT! Of course the garment is designed for only one half of the human population and, at times, can distract and invigorate. As for the doggies poor finish, that is squarely the fault of their owners and the fact that there was, literally, 'better ****' on the race course.

Well done Sasha & little P! They crossed the finish line - A great achievement with all that distraction. :)

ubercool K

well done, S & P

Looks like a lot of great family friendly for all involved. Coppercoil approves.

I must tell you, Fred is a bit disappointed in the race results. He felt that he had gone to great lengths to motive team P&S and had them focused squarely on the prize. That said, he does find their costumes very cute and plans to post the pics on Paw Book by morning.

To me, it sounds as though R was the big winner this weekend, a plunging red dress down to just above the b crack, WOW! And you always do come up with the very best and tastiest desserts.