They May Be My Favorite Pet

I also enjoy cats and as of this moment, I have a turtle that my niece purchased and then grew tired of. The poor thing was abandoned in a filthy aquarium. I salvaged him. Brought him home. Then immediately dove into Google to discover how to care for him. Four months later he lives and seems quite content. I am quite surprised to find turtles do in fact have personalities. His is quite friendly. Anytime I walk near he paddles swiftly over and climbs on his log to look at me. He is a fine fellow.
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2 Responses Dec 19, 2012

Hey cats r the best..u can't deny that they are the wittiest of all the domestic creatures....

They are very unique and I do enjoy them.

All creatures have personalities, even fish and insects, my nephew has a bearded dragon and he is the sweetest little guy. We like to de-personalise other creatures because we consume them as if they were nothing,pigs(more intelligent than dogs)geese,cows,sheep,etc all have personalities, we're the shallow, cruelest species.

Thank you for sharing this. I do agree that humans can be the most inhumane of all the species. We supposedly have the greatest capacity for thought but seem lacking in our ability to use it.