My Disable Dog Lucio

i have a dog 2years ago his name is Lucio his about 7years old medium build i dont know what type of dog he is, his black dog all in all we have 3 dogs including Lucio he was a happy dog, one day around 5pm dawn in the afternoon almost dark i heard a motorcycle pass, our house was in a roadside i can hear it it was so fast the driver must been drunk they hit Lucio i can hear it from the living room dog scream...

He fall, lay down there near at the road with all blood in his mouth can't tell if he had a lot of wound coz his black i go near i can see his still breathing, but i did not touch him coz he might bite me he was in pain, i call my brothers and asl them to bring him inside he still breathing i can feel his pain he broke his back that time i wanted to kill him so his suffering be ended, but i couldnt , i just can't do it, we put him in a vacant barn back of the house,... in the morning i wake up early and i go to the bark check Lucio he might be dead in the morning, i was surprise he was still alive,.. i live in a small province Bew Bataan Compostela Valley if u happen to hear the news about typhoon thats exactly my place,...

there is no Doctor there for animals people in the town doesnt much care about animals they love animals but if it sick they cant do anything about it no animal doctors there, back to Lucio i have to takecare of him since he was still alive... 2 days he can't move but his eyes were open and his ears moving half of his body can't move from his back bone down to his leg i try to feel him put a water in his mouth his driking he cant move so i have to put drops on his mouth, later i feed him with food he still eating it, i tell my self this dog want to live some part of his body was swollen his balls his leg im not a dog tor but i put some herbs that i think it can help some leaf we used to used for swollen wounds and enjuries... i did that for 3days day and i start to move him in other position so his body still be able to move i can tell its painfull been a month his in the barn since i work in a Foodshop i can visit him in the morning and night when i arrive on my off day i bring Lucio outside have to carry him his about 15kilos he lose a lot of weight and practice to walk again i havent lose hope for that still he might can walk nothing to loose if i try,... but half of his body is totally paralyze everytime i let him walk i was holding his upper body his peeing or urinating.

Every morning before i live i exercise him he eat his crawling thats how he walk only the front legs he can move thats more better than not moving at all,... 3months later his crawling but his all fine im happy with it. But he didn't live long after 10months he died last september 2011 he died. I can't forget Lucio his memories will remain in me,... as for me i have new dog now his name is Rex on my nest story it will be about Rex.

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31-35, F
Dec 26, 2012