My Pitbull Massage By The Kitty

For year we dont have dog and I decide to have a dog ther i found Rex i bought him in my neighbors his an American PitBull Terrier as we all know pitbull had a bad reputation i i search and read a lot about pitbulls it was scary for me to see the victims that was attack by pitbulls but i haven't change my mind about that.

April 2 2011 i bring Rex home he was 2months old his a sweet puppy he sleep with me in my room i dont cage him we just keep him inside the house we just dont let him out...but he got out sometime he never attack anyone one time i was embarassed he got out and was wandering in backyard of our neighbors were they have party when thery see Rex they were all running going inside houses hiding even dogs there doesnt play with Rex i get him there bring him home....and apologies to the people there.

i took him for a walk every morning months passed by he grow past at 10months now his about 30 kilos i walk him in the morning we go jog together, most people scared of Rex because his a big strong Dog everytime we walk in the street people try to avoid us, think he was dangerous,...

i got an idea so people will not be scared of Rex i put him a shades so he looks cool i tie it on his collar he looks really good at it and plus he likes it people laughing when we pass even bus stop by just to watch Rex his a good dog i have sometime to exercise Rex for now i let him drag two tires he likes it he getting stronger when typhoon hits mt town last Dec 4, 2012 New Bataan Compostela Valley we evacuate my town and look some place were we can stay in the city i take Rex with me but my cats we leave it in the house we have about 6cats there theyu were all freinds with Rex.. but i go gome lastweek they seems fine.

I have a Video here of Rex and the kitty it was his friend please watch it im sure this will put smile on ur face.. by nextmonth i think we can go back home and there we can go walk and jog again...;)
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31-35, F
Dec 26, 2012