Bicycle Ride

Growing up I lived out in the country in Michigan. My parents raised Siberian Huskies and at one point we had thirteen dogs. These were trained sled dogs for use in the 1970's harsh winter months. They would also sell them to other breeders sometimes or would bring in other male dogs to breed with. It was a madhouse of dogs around our house. The upkeep of thirteen dogs was a very hard job, because they needed constant water, food, kennel upkeep, and training.

Of course the job that was the most fun was the training. In the winter months you would hook up the dogs to sleds and run them around pulling you in the bright snowcovered countrysde to keep up on the stamina and strength.  In the summer months we had to  upkeep the same things. You cannot use a sled of course in the summer, so in order to keep them in shape I would take them out one at a time on a harness attached to my bicycle. Now mind you there were thirteen dogs that needed this to keep them in shape.

It was quite a sight to see a young boy riding around the country side with a dog pulling him everywhere he went. I spent alot of time on my bike with a dog in front of me and alot of time with dogs. Each dog was like a friend and a person to me and each time we lost or sold one it felt like I had died. This time I spent with the dogs though was some of the happiest times of my childhood. Eventually It ended though when my mom and dad moved to town. We did keep two of our best dogs though and my family contiued having dogs throughout my life. They still live in town and now have six dogs while I also have two of my own at my house. Needless to say I think my entire family loves dogsl
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Jan 9, 2013