My first and only dog was a gentle spoilt German Shepherd named Duffy. I chose her when I was 9 because she was the most colourful dog in the litter, but later I found out that those are the worst ones to pick!

She was with me during my awful awful adolescent years - when my dad left and when he died, when my friends dumped me. She was there when I became a Christian and when I started having problems.

I honestly thought that she became cuter as she got older, even as she became more decrepit and grey.

The day that we took her to the vet was one of the saddest in my life. I loved her dearly and she enriched my life. It was through her that I realized how an old married couple could look at eachother and still think that the other is beautiful.

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Duffy was our first family dog, he was a border cross lab. Actually, he was our first "child"<br />
<br />
It is a sad day when we loose pets, though it's good that the memories live on.

My first dog was called Duffy as well, how bout that? <br />
He was a Border Collie cross.

What a beautiful and sweet story! I love Dogs too! My mom's dog is like a family member. She is 12 yrs old now and losing her really scares me because we all love her so much! I hope she is with us for a while!