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I have 3 dogs from 2 to 9 years old.  I love them to death.  They are all mixed breeds and fairly big dogs (40-80 lbs).  I love mutts from the pound.  They always love you even more for being their savior.  Dogs are just so loyal, protective, and loving.  I don't understand why some people hate them.  I know they slobber and are covered with hair and make noise but damn they are so loveable. 
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i love my dog hes like my baby..

Nothing beats the grace and beauty of the sighthound group. Their speed is legenddary their beauty revered for centuries they grace my home and my person they are my life and heart. I am the fortunate owner of three ex-racing greyhounds and one whippet. It is a priveledge and honour to have them in my life I feel blessed to have them and care for them. They are love grace and gentle ways they are beauty and love on four great legs they posess awesome qualities no smell of dog no howls or continous barking no energy level through the roof. Just gentle quiete family members longing for a bit of love and care they ask so little and give soo much in return a life with them is heaven on earth.

ive rescued a staffy x boxer from the pound and he is awesome family pet. highly under rated dogs in my opinion. xx

aww, she sounds like a sweet little doggie...I know what you mean about cats. I have lots of respect for them but don't feel the same bond as with a dog.

I'm there with you I love dogs, as well. I'm not to fascinated with the bigger ones, though, It seems, that all my dogs have been lap dogs. I don't get it about cats? I don't mind having them, my daughter had one before, but, I just don't feel the same affection in return, they don't wag their little tails, nor slobber you all over, nor, run around the house when you let them in from being outside, actually that is what I mostly love about Chanel(Japanese chin), she gets all crazy and I mean silly crazy when we open the door for her to come in, she starts running in circles, and goes flying into EVERY room in the house..she is so cute, she has a lazy eye, and that makes me love her even more....

Thanks for your comments guys, your dogs sound super cool!

I don't have my rot/shepard mix anymore :(<br />
But he was AWESOME! most my family hav dogs and if they wanted to get rid of them, I'd take them in a heartbeat! My cat (my profile pic) acts like a dog & plays with/ terrorizes my sister's dogs. He's awesome too!

yeah! spot on. I love my dog. He's a doberman and such a sook. He loves nothing more than a cuddle and even rubs his head up and down on you like a cat does. I'm not keen on cat's coz they can't be contained like dogs, and the wild life suffers, but I still wouldn't hurt one. I luv all animals but like you say a dogs love is unconditional.

Your story is very cute. I have a Begale myself. She is my world!

That is very sad to lose such a good friend. I consider my dogs to be my friends just like anyone else. I have big dogs and they stayed in my apartment for about a year but I lived by myself, they had each other to keep company, and I took them out to the park 4-5 times per week plus walked them around the complex. Generally it's not a good idea but if you really care about the dogs it can be done.

aww, :( My mom got her golden when I was 11, so i grew up with that dog, it was really sad when she died earlier this year. And it was really hard on my mom. She had a very special bond with her. I would love to get a golden, but I live in apt and I don't think an apt is fair to a big dog. Plus I have two roommates and i don't know how they would feel about it.

I had a golden retriever when I was a kid too, a dog named Bear. He was the most amazing dog I've ever had. He was super athletic, he would chase jackrabbits and even caught one once. He also loved to swim and would jump in the pool and swim around all by himself. He was super sweet also as all Golden retrievers are. Unfortunately his wild side got the best of him. He would run for hours chasing those jackrabbits and we wouldn't see him for a while but he would always come back. One day he didn't come back though. It was heartbreaking not knowing what happened to him but he'll always hold a special place in my heart.

my mom's golden retreiver lived until she was 14, but that is rare for a golden. I love goldens and mutts. When I was a kid I had a mutt she was the best dog.

looking forward to it. wow and thanks for the lovely compliments. you are so f'ing awesome!

Really??? Well you seem like such a sweet girl and a total hottie....maybe I will show up with sandy nips someday...we'll have to talk about that :-)

glad you enjoyed it, but i was kind of serious!

OMG I am laughing out loud...thanks slutslider, you are too sweet :-)

ok. keep your promise. that's too funny. i love you. if you show up on my doorstep i will probably do more than tell you that is hot............ LOL

ROFLMAO....Meggers I'd like to meet some of your friends and see if they are as sexy as me LOL...Slutslider you are awesome....someday I'm gonna show up at your doorstep with sand glued to my nips and you better tell me it's hot LOL

yeah, i suppose. that's a pretty hot username. funny and cute, but definitely sexy!!

My mom had a dog with two first names and she would feed it these big cans of dog food with veggies in it and stuff. MW would eat the whole bowl of food and at the end, he`d spit out a pea. One pea. Wouldn't eat it. It was the funniest thing.

I can't be that much of a goody two shoes...how many good boys do you know named sandynips huh? Not many I bet!! LOL

You worry too much sandynips. It's fine. Mr. Goody Twoshoes.

It was probably a little OCD for me to correct that but I thought the sentence read pretty funny without the period in there.

wow, I screwed up my last post...it turned out kinda funny though...it was supposed to read:<br />
<br />
"Yeah I love retrievers. They are the sweetest and smartest of all dogs I am convinced. Pure breds don't usually live much past 10 years old though."

aww.... that is sad meggers.

Wow. That's very interesting. I didn't know that. hmm... thanks for the info.

Yeah I love retrievers. They are the sweetest and smartest of all dogs I am convinced Pure breds don't usually live much past 10 years old though.

golden retrievers are so pretty. one of my friends have one. it's beautiful. mostly any are. i might get one some day, but right now i'm fine with just my kitty.

Mutts are my favorite breed LOL. I do like retrievers and labs a lot. And just big dogs in general. But I do like them to be mixed, they are healthier that way.

and puppies are cute too. so what's your favorite breed?

Well you are wise for not getting one now if it's not the right time. It shows that you really love the dogs if you care enough to deprive yourself of them given your situation.

Really no animal or person is more loyal than a dog. They don't care what you do. They even love an owner who beats them.

dogs ARE indeed THE BEST!