Don't Like Dogs, I Love Them

I consider myself lucky because I always have had dogs in my life. They are truly a mans best friend. I have a dog named Charlie and he is the cutest sheltie I have ever seen. I know every whom has a dog will say that. Ha-ha
My husband and I are looking at the moment for a German shepherd puppy. German shepherds are my favorite kind of dog. Big, smart and lovable


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3 Responses Jul 23, 2007

i have a sheltie named jamie! he is turning 11 and he has the most hilarious fur that looks more like bear fur than sheltie fur! he is the best dog ever, and i know i will have shelties my entire life. i have absolutely fallen in love with the breed. the only other dog i will get is a german shepard, although the size does intimidate me because i am only used to my tiny little sheltie boy who i carry in my arms so easily!

Hey Ashley, You don't need to get dogs imported anymore because there are some strong blond lines here in U.S. Just make sure the have real papers and take a look at the mother and father to make sure they will be strong. Try if you can not to get the first litter of a female but the 3rd if you can because it will give you a better chance of getting a strong puppy.

Hey Erin. Alex and I have a dachshund and we are wanting to get a German Shephard soon. He wants to get on imported from Germany. I would rather just get one from a local breeder (much cheaper). But of course (hunny gets what he wants SPOILED) hehe