I have a beautiful pitbull called Murphy and I wouldnt part with him for the world, he is eighteen months old and is so bouncy, he loves it when my grand daughter comes down because she plays with him and he loves it, she is five, and my dog stands the same height as her, but I couldnt let my two year old grand daughter stay on the floor with Murphy coz his tail could whip her face where he wags it all the time, he is like a big brown bear and a bit like scooby do, I dont allow him up stairs often as I dont like dogs licking them selfs while on me bed, especially when your dog is male and his balls have grown full size,lol , He has a big bed of his own with different covers in all the time because he chews his bedding, he once bit through one of my sofas, thats when I let him have so much room but barred him from most of the house.,,, Bye for now
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Still big, with bigger balls. He slobbers every where because are chops are so big, but he Is still a bundle of joy,and a very happy one at that. We have new grand children, and he loves the attention they give him. I must put some pics up. x

Murphy sounds like fun. What's he like three years later.