Looking For a Dog

I finally talked my fiance into letting me have a dog. So i need your help, I am looking for a puppy, something that wont get too big. Price? Cheap or free, I can do up to 300 dollars depending on the breed of dog. Location? Preferably somewhere within a reasonable distance from Augusta Maine. Help me out if you can. Email me or leave a comment. Thanks guys.

featherman09 featherman09
18-21, M
2 Responses Feb 9, 2009

ummm i could help you with like the breed. Mix breds are very smart animal. And most of the time they are free. But as in like Begals are decent size animals. :]

There are lots of pure bred rescue organizations around that could get you a nice dog in your price range. Puppies are harder to find than adult dogs but the groups have them sometimes. I would recommend a pug. They stay small, mine is about 20 pounds and is easy to pick up and carry if you need to. They are lap dogs and like to just hang around with you. I am in the Detroit area so I don't know what's available in Maine but most groups have some kind of web site where they post pictures of available dogs.