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I have always loved animals.  But I have always had a connection with dogs.  I have no connection with people unless they enjoy dogs as much as I do.  My outlook is if you treat dogs with respect and admiration then you do the same with people.  Generally that holds out to be true.  I am a mother to 4 great danes (I LOVE this breed!!), a senior Mastiff/Chow mix, a chihuahua, a pekingese and a pit bull/boxer mix.  I rescued 7 of the 8 ... 3 were rescued from euthanization or starvation.  I think it is a shame that so many GREAT dogs are put down every day at pounds, spca's, humane societies and animal control's.  I think the way we treat our animals in our society reflex upon how we feel about humans also ...  Disposable. I cannot imagine not having a dog in my life.  I do hope to have a smaller pack (only naturally!!) one day but would not change the fact of bringing any of my kids home to have the life they do ... absolutely SPOILED!!  I have fertility issues and am not able to have skin kids so I take my fur kid parenting seriously!! They make me smile and bring so much love into my life and I think it is so sad that some people just don't realize what a magnificent partner in life they have in their pets.  They understand our feelings so much more than most people realize.  I enjoy watching my kids play too because you learn so much about their behavior individually and as a pack.  They are not too much different than people most of the time.  We just have a major language barrier!! LOL  But if you learn their body language, you learn to talk to them.   That is my story and I am sticking to it!!  I LOVE dogs!!  (Luckily I have a hubby that likes them too!!)

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I feel exactly the same way. I only have my cocker spaniel but love him very much. I want another one but this one is soooo attention getting. Getting him to accept another pet will be hard.

love your story and its very touching. i am sorry you can not have skin kids but happy to hear you found fur kids so great ! <br />
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i love telling people i have two kids that i throw outside every morning and put there food on the floor. get a kick out of some of the ex<x>pressions...haha <br />
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boy you got a really busy house hold, wow just with the 4 Great Danes ...Nuts <br />
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that wonderful that you rescued all those dogs, you go !!!

hey great story and i like how u refer to them as ur kids :) i love how u rescued so many dogs as this is on of my aims for the future (after uni).<br />
and to be honest i think its absolutely fantastic that they can't speak. this saves us lots of arguments and the harmony is much greater. <br />
sometimes i prefer to be in animals' company rather than being with human beings because most of them are so different from me and with animals you can just get on.<br />
i want lots of animals :)