Dogs Are Furkids

My first dog was named Spot.  I don't know what happened to him.  My Dad had a collie named Skipper - he was our next dog.  Then my parents divorced and we had no more dogs.  My Mother could not stand them in the house.  My next dog was a red doberman.  My husband brought him home - he was 10 months old.  My husband who was a jazz player left for work.  I had two babies and was a bit scared of this dog but soon found out he was a perfect gentlemen.  He helped me get over my fear of the dark.  We could take a walk at night and he'd run ahead of us and around us always checking on us.  He had his own chair - it was an overstuffed type.  If someone sat in it he would pace back and forth in front of them until they'd give it up to him.  He was our furkid for 10 years.  I'll always miss him.
moxiesurvivor moxiesurvivor
66-70, F
Aug 12, 2007