When I was dog grooming, there was this Springer Spaniel her name was Bella and I notice she was staring at me! Kept staring at me intensely! When I did look at her all i could see was pure fear with her big bright eyes shining at me! So i didn’t approach her because she really was scared!

As I wasn’t sure of what her reaction going to be I just carried on doing my own thing… Finally it was time to give her a bath and to dry her! To my surprise she was very obedience! I thought she would run off and hide as i approach her… but she didn’t! Told her to get in the bath and she did! Such a good girl making my job easy! She was still looking at me! I thought she was so sweet as she had a lovely way about her! I still wasn’t sure what she wanted… Normally i know what a dog wants! lol

Once i bathed her she got on the table to be dried and when I looked at her she looked away just like a shy little girl! She kept doing this several times I thought it was funny as when i looked away she looked back at me! After a while she kept pawing me to stroke her and make a fuss which i did and when i sat on the table to dry her paws she kept resting her head on my shoulder looking up at me i thought that was sooooo sweet it really melted my heart and this wasn’t even my dog!

Afterwards she just absolutely loved me kept following me around and rolling over on her back to say to me I’m boss! I think it’s incredible how strong a bond can be between a dog you only met the first time with a person in a matter of a few hours!

Here's a picture that looks just like her!

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That's really cook

Oops I meant cool lol