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I used to have a dog when i was 5 and i named him blackie and he ment everything to me when he died i felt realy horrible and i just couldnt be without a dog ever since i had that dog and now i have a chiguagua and a rotwieler i love them so much
ilovehateu ilovehateu 16-18, F 3 Responses Feb 12, 2007

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I love chihuahua and chihuahua mixes; also Scotties, beagles, and Boston Terriers [my especial favorite].

I agree 100% I belive dogs are a mans/ womenbest friend they will protect us and be by out side if we love them they will love us back. I don't think I could imagine being with out my two doggies

I could not do without a dog...for a long time my dog i grew up with was the only friend i had..he is in dog heaven for a loong time now and i have now my Blacky

Dogs are always good companions. All they want is love and the give it right back.

That's unconditional love. Doesn't it feel good?