My Doggie

I used to have a dog when i was 5 and i named him blackie and he ment everything to me when he died i felt realy horrible and i just couldnt be without a dog ever since i had that dog and now i have a chiguagua and a rotwieler i love them so much
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3 Responses Feb 12, 2007

I love chihuahua and chihuahua mixes; also Scotties, beagles, and Boston Terriers [my especial favorite].

I agree 100% I belive dogs are a mans/ womenbest friend they will protect us and be by out side if we love them they will love us back. I don't think I could imagine being with out my two doggies

Dogs are always good companions. All they want is love and the give it right back.

That's unconditional love. Doesn't it feel good?