I Love Dogs, Any Animal Actual...

i love dogs, any animal actually. my life's passion is animals. i've owned several dogs in my life. about 10 years ago for a couple years on and off i dog sat in my home. i got to know lots of different dog breeds. i would love nothing better than to work in some capacity with animals.
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I have worked in an animal shelter & for a vet. I also have a dog kennel & rescue dogs. I like all animals too.

Hey thanks Myrtletree,....i was volunteering at a local animal shelter before i moved a couple mths ago........very enjoyable and satisfying it was.....Now in my new home, i am planning to volunteer with the animal rescue association.<br />
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Now, a paying job some day would be great.............but i'll keep lovin the animals up till that day :D

That's admirable. :-) I noticed that the story is a couple of years old, so maybe you've already found a way to work with animals. If not, I'd recommend you to volunteer and offer a foster home for stray pets who are waiting to be adopted .. or did you have a paid job in mind?

have any ideas how i can get myself working with animals???

I love dogs and other animals too. Sometimes, I think they would definitely be nicer to work with than most people!