Every Since My Grandad Died Iv...

Every since my grandad died Ive find it hard to get attatched to animals. it's weird. I kind of think that theres no point because there going to die anyway. Its really not a good way of thinking and it's not very logical. Everything dies.
cluck cluck
18-21, F
1 Response Feb 12, 2007

Yes, cluck, our pets die eventually. If they could speak they would die thanking us for giving their life meaning and purpose. They add meaning and purpose to our life as well by the way they offer us unconditional love. It hurts when they have to leave. I remember every cat I have ever had, all of their names and their individual quirkiness. I feel richer for having loved and lost them than if I had never had them at all. It sounds to me like your Grandad really loved you. You obviously loved him. As long as you live, He will never be forgotten.