The Perfect Dog

My son and I had wanted to get a dog for a while but I knew that it had to be a dog we would want to live with for a long time. I think it is cruel to have a pet for a while, get tired of it and give it away. They are like part of the family and I do believe they have feelings and an awareness that some people do not realize.

 We had a list of certian things we wanted our dog to have. We wanted a short haired dog.  Wanted a female. Small but not too small. Wanted one about 15 lbs. We also wanted the dog to be already housebroken. We didnt mind if the dog was one year old either.


  We searched several rescue sites and still didnt find her. We went to dog pounds and still didnt find her. Finally I wrote to the director of the dog pound and told her about all the things we were looking for in a dog. She emailed me back and her letter said this : I think I may have the dog you are looking for. Have you ever heard of a Manchester Terrier? ( I had not ) She said she looks like a Min pin but a little larger and weighs only 15 lbs. She is Short haired and house broken and one year old! The very next day we went to see the dog. When we went into the shelter all the dogs were caged and they were not expecting us. We went to the back and saw a woman cleaning out stalls. There was this little black dog that she allowed to roam around freely. It was the DOG the director had written to me about! I walked over to the dog and she turned and stood up on her back legs and reached her little arms up to me like I have never seen a dog do. Like she was saying, " Pick me up Mommy, take me home! " It was love at first sight! I picked her up and she has been with me now for 6 years. I named her Sugar because she is so sweet, even though her coat is as black as coal.  Ironaically her birthday is just a couple of days after mine. She has been my best friend and loving companion through many tough times. I am so happy that I followed my insinct and waited for a dog that was waiting for me to find her. Never give up on what you really want if it is something that is strong in your heart and mind. If there is an animal you feel you must have dont give up till you find her. If it is a soul mate you long for, somewhere ,there is someone waiting for you.

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Thank you so much for your nice comment. Would you like to be my friend on EP?

Awwww....Suger sounds like a real sweetie! I want a siberian husky....but i'm not allowed.Iwould like to have any kind,gently doggie.But a siberian is a number 1!