I love my dogs :) they be cute AF
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We have four - three that live with us, Dad, Mother and one Son, who is spoiled terribly - he was the ONLY pup in the litter. One Son from an earlier litter lives with my Mother. We love them all, they are well behaved and nicer than many people I have met. Each dog has very much it's own personality. No more litters, we took the Dad in for a vasectomy - he now can practice to his hearts content.

Aw!!! All my babies are spoiled and are very smart. They even know how to open the sliding glass door like wtf

Our dogs are Chihuahua's - the Dad is six pounds so no sliding doors but smart? Very smart - the parents are also great goose dogs, they work in a pair and they are very effective, despite each goose weighing more than twice as much as they do. Very athletic, fast, they can jump insanely high and are agile since they are so light. They are impressive and loving and they can communicate with us extraordinary effectively.

I have two Shelties and have had two other Shelties before

They sound cute!

I love dogs

Me too!!!!!

I have 6 Collie Sheep Dogs and they are very clever.
I have a working Farm and they are working dogs and very well looked after.

I have 6 chihuahuas but most of them are mutts