I Love, Love, Love Being A Girl.

God knew what he was doing when he made me a girl. I have had my hair colored every color of the rainbow and then some.  I have had it really long then short even spike. I’ve straighten it, curled it, crunched it, blow dry it, curled it with paper bags and even done absolutely nothing to it still having it look amazing! I prefer it short; I just think its adorable look on me and shape’s my face nicely. As people say I’m a chubby girl with a jaw line. If I want long hair I get a wig that looks real. I'll style my wigs too. I love experimenting with make-up too. I haven't been able to do this much because I don't have my dream of having **** load of making; actually having more than I can possible use. Now don't get me wrong make up is fun but I don't paint it on. I usually just put on enough to highlight my features. Sometime it so settle you can't even tell I am wearing any. That is the true art of make-up when you’re wearing make-up but can't even tell you are. Not to mention, a girl can never have enough shoes. I dream of having my own walk in closet one day having more shoe that I can possibly wear. My boyfriend will have a mini heart-attack as he trips over shoe that will be left all over the house. My whole mood and aura changes when I am all dressed up. It makes any bad day and good one as long as I look good. I love how you can also express yourself with dressing up and pampering yours with your hair and make-up. I can never understand a girl who can just let themselves go and not care what they look like when they leave the house. Not that I judge or disapprove of that life style more power to them for them loving them they way they are, confident, or just lazy. My best friend is the type of person who just air dries her hair with no make up that goes out in a tang top and jeans. I just wish that everyone felt the way I do when I get all beautified. <3
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Jul 30, 2010