I Love To Change Something About Myself

I love doing my hair, makeup and especially dressing up... I love to emphasize my eyes my lips and my hair to complement my looks, and dress something sexy or formal to compliment my curvy body... but, I have a hard time showing it. I dress to express and not to impress, and people who see me thinks that I'm dressing to impress and attract boys... it really hurts, because I've been overweight since forever... and now I'm in 4th year college, I suddenly dropped a pound... everyone was surprised, especially, that I maintained my boobs and bum... cause normally, people who loose weight also loose some fat in the boob and butt area, mine doesn't ... so I look like a coca-cola bottle [at they say] ... I'm very flattered with it, but, I hated the fact that men started noticing me. They only liked me when I drop the weight, hate them a lot... so, last july I cut my hair... supper short, boy cut, everyone was surprised, it was so short that they called me [pink! -> singer] ... and they started telling everyone that I like girls [I don't know about that] but, it was really hurtful... I haven't said anything, they just assumed it because of what I looked like
indisicive53 indisicive53
18-21, F
Oct 20, 2010