For Me, For You, For Us.

I like doing my hair, makeup and dressing up daily for my man. 
Some days are not as intense as others, but by the most part I just like to be in good presence in front of my man at all times possible. 
I am not talking about formal wear and make up all times, I am talking about some common sense fix up for him. 
I found out that they all enjoy a little lipgloss over my putty lips and a bit of mascara over my hazel eyes behind my eye glasses. 
The fact they know is done just because I care for them, it set them to a nice macho trip-lol!  Oh man, is okay you can be all you wanna be with me *giggles*.  The hairstyle varies as well, anywhere from my natural curly, straight or an up do.

I do require as much as possible for my man, to give me a quick phone call or text to simply let me know he is in his way home.  This should gimme at least of couple of minutes to fix myself before his grand entrance at our home.  I wouldnt want to kiss him welcome back with me all full of sweat.  Although, that did worked too, few times-lol!   I have an unique style, I know that.  I had been told is just my sensual attitude for all that I do and I wear...I wonder if that is a good thing or a bad thing.

Don't get me wrong I am not a fashion or makeup freak at all. I just like to take care of every sense of my man and the little details do matter for guys.  Specially the visual ones. The best is night time dress up...oh that is when the real woman in me come out to play clothed or not.
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2 Responses Apr 29, 2011

You know, the simple, straight-forward things you do can mean so much. To me, those small touches are a huge ex<x>pression of caring. They mean you're thinking of him. And that is important in a relationship. Very.<br />
Your thoughtfulness is an enticing, wonderful gift.<br />
Men and would can learn and benefit from you Sara.

All women present themselves well, although some can be high maintenance. When you want to play I don't care what you wear..........wink