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Spare Time=dress Up Time!

Every once in a while I get this urge to dress up. I'll spend about 3-5 hours doing my hair, make-up, and picking out my outfit. I don't go anywhere, in fact most of the time I make sure that I have no plans so I can sit at home and be as girlie as I want to be :P. I do my hair first, that takes the longest, then my make-up, then finally my outfit. I usually try to do a different style every time. My styles can go from pin-up girl, to churchy-modest girl, to gothic girl, to country girl, to basically anything :P. I love trying out different styles and looks and of course I take loads of pictures to see if I like the look on me or not :P. I just had a dress-up phase last my next one is due in a couple of months XD lol.
Aydasha5 Aydasha5 18-21, F 20 Responses Jun 27, 2011

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I can certainly try :). Message me so that we can talk back and forth a bit easier :)

hey,im a 14 year old tranny, and was wandering if u could teach me how to do my hair and make up cause i dont know anything about how to do my hair and makeup. Can u help? please?

Hahaha, woman like that are either too insecure with themselves or wish they had the nerve to do what you do :P. Enjoy life and be happy with what you have :).

Wow! You're really pretty. I bet you have lot's of fun with that. I do the same, but I do it to tease the guys and I do go out places just to get their reactions. Women react, too with jealous stares or looks that say, "What does she think she's doing?" But I generally ignore them.

welcome :)


Haha this is true :P.

That's ok too. Blend in if that is what you like to do. But I know at times we all want to turn heads and get some attention.

That's ok too. Blend in if that is what you like to do. But I know at times we all want to turn heads and get some attention.

I dunno about that :P...I'm a pretty shy person...I prefer to blend into a crowd rather than stick out.

If you enjoy it that is cool. I just thought you might want to see others reactions. I am sure by look at your picture here you look good in what ever you wear.

I dunno...never really thought about it... I guess that would be weird :P

Staring might be good<br />
What if you look good though?

I dunno :S... what if someone stares? Or what if I look horrible even though I think my outfit looks cute? too many factors that could lead to embarrassment...

You should go out sometime dressed up. You spend all that time you might as well show off.

Hahaha! So true! XD I think we might have to have about 72 hours :P.

You know we'd be a complete nightmare if we were together. It'd take forever to get out the house. And what about a girlie night in ? We'd need 24 hrs to prepare for it ! lol <br />

@AvaWeiss. My hair is naturally straight, so when I have the time I looove to put curls in it :) hehe. <br />
<br />
@Angie, haha I think we would get along just fine :). That's kind of what I like to do. I fear that too many people would judge me if they saw me dressed up :P. I'm kind of a tomboy most of the time :)

I can really relate to the urge to be girlie and dress up and no place to go...LOL <br />
The story of my life ...Angie...;-)

Lol, I dunno about good, but I can get creative sometimes! :D