It's Fun

to me, there's something that feels so good about putting on nice clothes, doing my hair, and putting on makeup. i feel pretty and confident when i get dressed up. i've always been a girly girl like that. i dress up for special occasions, but i've also been known to do it for no reason at all. i think there's something special to be found in every day, and for me that's enough of an excuse to bring on the glamour! lol ;)

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i love to hear this! it seems, there's not many, girly girls nowdays! good for you! lol.

Most people don't bother to fixup anymore. There is nothing more fun than getting all dolled before going out...out anywhere even to the grocery store. I guess that's why I am such a girly girl.<br />
However, I just got myself a new workout outfit, pants, top and a jacket and I now know why girls who wear them look sooo cute, the first reason is they are in good shape or better shape than me.<br />
Now the second and more important reason for the rest of us, they make you look and feel great. I tried a pair of their pants on and when I came out to look in the mirror at my rear I was shocked. They are so flattering, they do something with whatever you've got. The girl helping me said "They have that same effect on everyone, they can't stop staring at the rears!" I am hooked!<br />
I hope this doesn't spell an end to fixing up before I go out but it sure give me an easy and quick way to look better than usual.