Just Me Time!

When im going out i sometimes like the whole getting ready process than the night as i love the whole me time thing! The relaxing bath, the doing my hair pretty, etc etc

I love being able to make some me time n make myself feel better by doing this!
I hae often done this even if i have no where to go as it really makes me feel better and gives me more confidence!! etc

It really strange how i think that helps my self esteem! but it does!
sazead sazead
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3 Responses Mar 25, 2007

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Aside from the obvious enjoyment of giving free reign to your femme self, "me time" is often written about with regard to its healthful, psychological benefits. For me it can be a form of meditation.

Making yourself look good does tend to boost your self esteem. I feel better about myself when I've made an effort, even if no-one else is going to see me. It is for this reason that I like to sit and try on different outfits and stuff for hours.<br />
And you generally tend to look better at the start of the night than the end anyway!