The First Time I Dressed As A Girl

i was about 7 or 8 and my sister used to always have sleepovers and i would always hangout with her and even slept in her room one night one of her friends got all upset because a boy was sleeping in the same room with her then a couple minutes later my sis said then lets make him a her then they all got big smiles first they ******** me naked and then put a bra and a pair of panties and then a big fluffy purple dress then they painted my nails purple and put black eyeliner on me and purple eyeshadow then mascara then some rosy blush then purple lipstick and then did my hair all girly (my hair was as long as hers then) and even put a bow in it then put heels on me and made sleep in it and the next day about six more girls were surrounding me it was a long weekend but now im a 13 year old and do my hair and makeup ect... whenever i can thanks for reading

- Julie
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thank you for the support my family isn't the same way besides my sisters of course but thank you very much

she is my best friend ever but we dont see each other often she lives in orem and i live in payson utah but ill see her soon she still dresses up with me when she can