Why I Love It

it makes me feel so pretty
i put alot on because i feel better when i do
i love lipstick and eye shadows liners and especially fake lashes they make your eyes look beautiful some ppl can do the natural thing on a regular basis and some cant but i guess if u enjoy iy then its okay (:
justjoni justjoni
22-25, F
1 Response Aug 7, 2012

Hey! I sell Avon. And I love love love the products. Most of the things I buy are 4-5 dollars or under. You can look around on my website. Go to youravon.com/cmyles. I am new to being a sales rep. But not new to the products. I would really appreciate it. Thanks:-)

lol thnks i already got hassled about tht stuff from my sister in law contracts r a ***** to get out of shes misrible lol but yes the stuff is very nice but im cheap thanks anyways

Ok I understand. Thanks for responding!