Confidence And Comfort.

This is a it is what it is scenario .I just simply love make up.I know some people prefer whatever they are comfortable with.For me it is this.The ability to brighten up my features and switch up colors .Enhances my confidence .Not only that but is so fun for me.It is simply my art.I love changing up the appearance.I love the detail put into it. Our skin is but canvas.I love tending to this canvas.I also adore keeping skin healthy and radiant.I believe in whatever makes you happy.I am not staying I view things as only beautiful with such maintenance.I can feel deeper than that.I just do it for a fun hobby.It does not make me a hooker or a ******** to wear make up.It is just a form of expression in my opinion.Could I go the rest of my life without doing such things? Yes,of course.I would have just lost another hobby.I do not keep interest in things as long as a mentally healthy person does (so I feel) but this is something I have never gave up a love for.I hope to discuss such interest with others in the future as a career.I kind of would love special effects make up the most.Beauty is bones deep.
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3 Responses Jan 15, 2013

It is fun to experiment with different looks and different make-up. There was an old song lyric that said, "you're only pretty as you feel," but I think sometimes creating a new look is what makes us feel pretty!

I have obviously not experienced this kind of technique, but I know a lady who heals is like a garden where flowers are neatly arranged in harmony of color and form, with just a touch of fantasy to brighten the picture. Makeup and gardening shows the beauty!

I want zombie make up....hehehe