All Dressed Up With Nowhere To Be



i love to do my maleup even if im not going out. sometimes i wil lfind a picture of a girl or celeb with gorgeous makeup on and try to duplicate it. and sometimes i jsut create my own thing.

i love the look of 50's pin-up girls. they usually have one stripe of heavy black liner on thier upper eye lid and gorgeous red lipstick. thats my favorite.

for halloween this year i was a poker dealer girl, and i went with the pin-up theme, and i felt sooo sexy haha.  i wore fishnets under litttle red lacey panties that showed our from under the costume (one of the little outfits from spencers that you can only get away with wearing on halloween)

anywho, i dont know what girl on the planet doesnt like getting dolled up :)

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I also like to duplicate or attempt to duplicate the stars make up it can only help my look if I try and create there look

lmao....well whatever floats it, i always say :)