Snowy's Challenge...:)

I love doing romantic things, I always have. Whether that is cuddling and watching a movie together, dedicating songs to them, sharing your most secret fears, or whispering to each other.

Sometimes in our day to day routines we get too busy to remember all the small, sweet gestures that originally drew us together, its during those times you have to remember how special you felt.

Remember when you first held hands? That feeling of excitement and anticipation??

The first time you received flowers from him/her?

The first love letter or card you received...did you re-read every line? I did...

The first time you took a trip together or went on a walk together?

Give random gifts poetry/candy/stuffed animal for no reason but to let the other person know you are thinking of them.

Some of these things seem so small yet we get busy and forget to do them leaving our partner feeling not so special.

I encourage you all to do something romantic or a special person in your life today to let them know how special you are to them :)

Have fun and keep me posted!!
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6 Responses Aug 7, 2010

Des- you can do something sweet for anyone my friend :) ... <br />
<br />
Thanks Marcus :)

Good challenge. :)

sweetnshort- there are so many things that mean so much :)

I do to, little kisses, big kisses, send cards, hold hands, send romantic txt, walking up behind her, giving her a hug, kiss, whisper in her ear,mabe nibble on her ear a little bit, walks together

Ah that's true... it was very good ;-)

AllAboutLaffs- Thanks so much! Now tell me ...will you complete my challenge for today and keep me posted :) lol