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Hi everyone. I have provided "sexy maid" services to several dominant guys over the last few years. It started in college and I have been doing it for several years since then. A lot of them will have me come over and clean their house wearing a french maid uniform or other sexy outfits (or sometimes nothing at all).

I decided to start a message board where people who want to have their houses cleaned can hook up with a sexy maid. It's not for professional cleaning services - it's purely for people who want to do it for fun.

If you want think you might like to be someone's kinky maid, or if you have a dominant side and would like to have a kinky maid come clean your house (for free!), check it out and see if there is anyone near where you live. The forum is at
johnsachs75 johnsachs75
36-40, M
Aug 9, 2010